Your success is our only business

How do we define success? We define it by the strength of your business, enhanced by the profit we create for you. Your success is our only business.

Top Profit-Sharing Levels

How do we help you achieve greater profit? Unlike most consortia, our members are shareholders and have an ownership position in Ensemble Travel® Group. This means that our profits, less operating expenses, go back into your pocket, not ours. We are also the only organization paying out millions annually in profit-sharing dollars to members in the U.S. and Canada – the highest levels in the industry today — even in challenging years.

Our members form a true ensemble, working in concert to achieve the sales goals we negotiate with preferred suppliers. And, year-after-year, your executive team oversees a well-run operation in order to ensure the best return for your agency.

Preferential Commissions & Overrides

How do we help you grow your bottom line? On behalf of our members, we:

  • arrange preferential commissions and overrides with our preferred suppliers
  • deliver the best pricing and services available from the world’s leading providers of travel products and services
  • exercise our substantial buying power and clout with suppliers, yet never lose sight of providing members with consistent, personal service

And our members consider this partner network second-to-none. Because of these strong relationships – in cruise, land, hotel, air, and related travel segments – members are able to:

  • provide VIP treatment for their clients
  • add value that keeps customers coming back
  • set your pricing and profit with products like Ensemble® Air Program and Ensemble® On Location

Every strategy, every tactic, every supplier negotiation – is developed with your success and profit in mind.

Curious about your growth and earnings possibilities as an Ensemble member? Please contact us using the form on the contact page.